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          Digital Signage Eligible Content

          Eligible content includes the following:

          • PHHP, Nursing, or Pharmacy sponsored seminar announcements
          • Seminar announcements by other organizations scheduled in the HPNP Complex
          • Events sponsored by PHHP, Nursing, and Pharmacy student organizations
          • Major college events (e.g. research fairs, orientations, etc.)
          • Emergency notifications
          • Changes in time and/or location of classes or events
          • Major personnel award announcements (e.g. Superior Accomplishment Award, National Student Competitions, etc.)
          • Upcoming deadlines for major surveys, competitions, etc. (e.g. SERU, UF Climate Survey)
          • Other requests will be considered on a case-by-case basis

          Ineligible content includes the following:

          • Political events or statements
          • Personal messages
          • Classified advertisements
          • Commercial endorsements
          • Fundraising requests (excluding UF sponsored campaigns)
          • Research participation requests
          • Content violating UF, HSC, or College policy on distribution of material
          • Poorly constructed material (e.g., poor punctuation, spelling, grammar, readability)
          • Libelous or obscene language or images
          • Copyrighted material without proof of permission to post

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